Project: My community- strong community!


Description: Overall objective: To empower CSOs to contribute to social, economic, and democratic development of local community in Montenegro. Specific objective: Improved participation of CSOs' as independent, professional, actors, in decision- making process and creation of local policies. Specific objective represents a state in which professional, knowledgeable and independent local CSO meet citizens' needs, provide qualitative services and participate in decision making.


Project: My community- strong community!

Organization: Centre for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations

Address: Atinska 54

Partners: Active zone and Association for Civil Society Development Bijelo Polje (URCD)

Budget: EUR 246,221.05

City: Podgorica

Project period: 15.09.2017 until 15.12.2019

Project location: Montenegro

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Name of projectStatusOrganizationAddressCityBudget
,,Active role of CSOs - the way to better development of the local communityā€¯RealizedDemocratic Centre of Bijelo Polje Rasadnik 84000Bijelo PoljeEUR 5,931.90