Project: PTSD (Professional and Timely Service Delivery) after COVID


Description: OVERALL OBJECTIVE: To contribute to the establishing of an enabling and supportive environment for institutional and financial sustainability of CSOs and their services. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: To strengthen capacities of the civil society in providing professional services and promoting innovative approaches to the most disadvantageous groups in the society, especially children and youth with an inadequate access to education and their parents. Expected results: 1. Raised capacities of CSOs that represent vulnerable groups, primarily children/youth and parents to provide quality educational and/or (psycho)social services to their beneficiaries, while also supporting and encouraging CSOs to license their services (professionals) and/or accredit their programmes. 2. Adequate support services to students and their parents provided by the applicants, while supporting possible service providing to other vulnerable groups by interested CSOs, through sub-granting and mentoring. 3. Raised awareness of the general public and relevant authorities about the need for a higher support to vulnerable groups through public and community-based services, especially due to the ongoing pandemic, while researching the effects of the pandemic and currently available support services for students with special educational needs and their parents and advocating for the necessary policy and institutional changes in this regard.


Project: PTSD (Professional and Timely Service Delivery) after COVID

Organization: Association of Parents of Children and Youth with Disabilities - Staze

Address: 18 Jul 86, Podgorica, 81000 Montenegro

Partners: NGO IMPULS CSO Children of Montenegro

Budget: EUR 197,052.00

City: Podgorica

Project period: 01.01.2022 until 31.12.2023

Project location: Montenegro

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Name of projectStatusOrganizationAddressCityBudget
Support for persons with disabilities in overcoming the consequences of the COVID-19 virus!In progressNGO EkvivalentUl.Baku bb, Lamela 3PodgoricaEUR 12,195.00